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                      Why Rap Music Shouldn't be banned?

Should we ban rap music just because people don’t understand the expression of the song? I say NO! Don't let people ban rap music. Its big sector in our economy, it’s true to life and teaches us the right to freedom of speech. Rap music is the line that separates us from good and bad.

In music there is always offensive and non offensive music. Offensive music may sound aggressive and have sworn words but it teaches us the right to freedom of speech. If Martin Luther king Jr never spoke his ’I have a dream speech' then black civilisation would never develop into a greater society. Offensive music in the form of rap teaches us the same, idea as Martin Luther king Jr did. If we ban rap music then our world would never develop into a greater civilization.

The rap music industry employs over 2 million people worldwide and is valued more than $2billion in the world economy. If we ban rap music then millions of jobs will be lost worldwide, families will be destroyed and millions of people will enter a stage of poverty because of having no job. Not only will it affect everyday people but it will also affect governments worldwide. Governments will lose billions of tax dollars worldwide. Governments will lose tax dollars on rap music, rap  merchandise and other items related to rap music. A good example of a country that will be greatly affected by banning rap music is U.S.A.   America has the largest portion of rap artists worldwide. By banning rap music a big hole will be created in U.S.A's economy, making U.S.A fall and if U.S.A falls then other countries like China, India and Britain will come down falling too. This will cause a global crisis. Do you want to be responsible for causing a global crisis, simply by banning rap music? I don't think so.

Rap music is harsh, unbalanced and rough just like life. Rap music is true to life and helps us understand the true conditions of life, like growing up in slums or even how harsh prison can be. In the song 'You don’t know' by Eminem, it teaches us the harsh conditions of prison and it talks about the dangers of life. It is people like Eminem that motivate young people to stay away from prison and do the right thing. Rap music is the only music that is unique and true to life. If we take this away then we may never know the reality of life.

It is good not to listen to swear words and rude remarks everyday but those types of songs help define a human being. It teaches us freedom of speech. Not only does it teach us freedom of speech, but it is a multibillion dollar sector in the world economy and is true to life. It is important for people who don't understand rap music to really listen to the lyrics of the song, to help them understand the context of the song. We need rap music in day to day life to help define reality.