My Toyota

I got a Toyota remote control car for Christmas. The car was blue like the sky, the car body was shiny, solid and sly, the car even looked like a scaled down version of a real Toyota. The Wheels had a surround of black rubber coating and had the sleekest silver spikes ever. The Toyota had incredible features like it could open the trunk, open doors and open the hood just like a real car. The Toyota made sound of ‘‘beep, beep’’ for the horn. The Toyota could also flash lights just like a real car. All these features were accessible from the controller.

The controller was plastic, lightweight and firm. The controller felt soft and took to hands to operate. The controller fitted perfectly into the palm of my hands. It had an analogue stick which was brown and felt like an eraser, the analogue stick was used to change the direction of the car. This remote wasn’t like any other remote, this remote was wireless and didn’t even need batteries to operate instead it had its own charger.

It was Christmas morning, I sprung up early in the morning with sudden excitement wondering what I might get for Christmas. As I entered the living room I saw a rectangular box covered with dark red and green wrapping paper labeled Tanzeel. All I could see was the Christmas gift and myself I wasn’t aware with anything in the world apart from the gift. As I listened closely I could feel my heart going ‘‘thump, thump, thump’’ at intense speeds. My mind, body, and heart were filled with adrenalin and suspense wondering what might be in the nicely wrapped gift. With no more patience I unwrapped the gift like a fasting man breaking his fast. There I saw it, I saw glossy fine looking Toyota car labeled limited edition. I was happier than a man with a million dollars because of the gift I got. I started testing out the features of the car and after a while I learnt to do all sort of ticks like reversing, making a roundabout, turning into different directions and other tricks. I wasn’t a very good driver, you might even call me ruthless, and I kept on crashing into people’s feet, walls and expensive furniture. Each object I crashed I left a mark with a dent on the crash object. I was driving at intense speeds and suddenly I crashed into a fragile vase from U.A.E. As I crashed into the vase I could feel the vase tumbling down just like rain falling from the sky.

I still drive a Toyota, I’m still a ruthless driver and I still make crashes, but I try to stay away from expensive objects